May 20, 2022


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end of school year

12 Tech Tasks To End the School Year – Ask a Tech Teacher

I posted this a couple several years in the past, skipped the matter with all the craziness of the pandemic, and am updating it this year in content about how to wrap up your college year.:

Wrapping up your college technology for the summer is as sophisticated as location it up in September. There are countless backups, shares, cleanings, modified options, and vacation messages that — if not accomplished proper — can mean huge issues when you return from summer time holiday vacation. If you have a school machine, a whole lot of the shutdown actions will be finished by the IT people as they backup, cleanse, reformat, and probably re-impression your machine. If you have a personalized unit assigned by the college but yours to consider residence, the actions could be more several but truly, not much more complex.

Here’s a list. Skip individuals that do not use to you and full the relaxation. I won’t just take time in this report (I’m around 800 words and phrases suitable now) for a how-to on each individual exercise so if you do not know how to full a person, check with your IT people or Google it:

Make confident your firewall and antivirus applications are doing work.

Many pcs appear with a constructed-in 1 to maintain viruses and malware out that sluggish your pc. From time to time, they look to change off by on their own (I have no notion why). Test to be sure yours is active. If you have a Chromebook or an iPad, really do not even fret about this.

Clear out your paperwork.

Form as a result of the paperwork you gathered this 12 months and get rid of all those you really do not need anymore. It’s daunting, like a file cabinet that has not been opened in months –- or years — and is included with spider webs. If you never do this often, the computer system will have to finger by means of these unused data files each time you lookup. If you loathe throwing just about anything absent, develop an ‘Old’ folder, toss them all in it, and help save that to a flash travel or in the cloud.

Back again up your documents.

Regardless of whether you have a college or private unit, back again up all of your data files to an exterior generate or cloud storage. Even if you have an automated method (by means of your university or an independent system like Acronis), do this so you can immediately set your virtual fingers on any file you want devoid of waiting for anyone else to obtain it. Exterior storage is cheap. If you are not backing up videos, you can probably conserve all of your information to a $10 flash drive or your Google cloud.

Empty the trash.

Really do not even glance in it. If you haven’t skipped a file by now, it will not make a difference if you throw it out.

end of school year

Find out to use courses or get rid of them.

You know, that plan you were enthusiastic to get and then under no circumstances opened. Learn it or reduce it. Or if you however have Evernote but now use OneNote, delete Evernote’s shortcuts and downloads. Those people further documents, drivers, and permissions just get in the way of the pace and efficiency of your pc.

Cleanse out your subscriptions.

Evaluation the automatic e-mail and RSS feeds that get there to your pc day-to-day. Get rid of these that no extended utilize to your requires, are as well very simple, as well difficult, or just didn’t get the job done out as prepared. You will take pleasure in this cleanup when you see that getting as a result of day-to-day e-mail is substantially more rapidly than it utilized to be.

imaging your computer

Clean out your temp files.

Temp information are intended to be deleted immediately but that does not usually occur. See if this appears acquainted: A calendar year back, I understood my tough travel was just about whole. I went by means of every thing on it, deleted what I could, and nevertheless it was way too full.  Immediately after about an hour, I drilled down to a subfolder of my screencast application and discovered out that it was loaded with gigabyte’s well worth of short-term videos for screencasts I’d made. Merely deleting those people amplified my hard push room by 50%.

Delete unneeded fonts.

Like the recycle bin, when you commence up, your laptop or computer will have to bring up all individuals fonts that you gathered for particular newsletters and journals. They’re tiny files but not minuscule and take time to activate. Who needs a thousand fonts? Settle for a hundred.


You will be stunned how quickly it is to do all of these, particularly if it’s the second or 3rd time you have performed them. And, you will be thrilled with the variation it makes in your simplicity of use, safety, and consolation with the digital unit that is so considerably a part of your occupation.

Jacqui Murray has been educating K-18 technologies for 30 yrs. She is the editor/creator of above a hundred tech ed methods which include a K-12 technological know-how curriculum, K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum. She is an adjunct professor in tech ed, Grasp Teacher, webmaster for 4 blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice, CSTA presentation reviewer, freelance journalist on tech ed matters, contributor to NEA Today, and writer of the tech thrillers, To Hunt a Sub and Twenty-4 Times. You can find her means at Structured Learning.