August 2, 2021


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Exponent personnel wins 20 statewide awards | Campus

The Indiana Collegiate Press Affiliation, which comprises scholar newspapers and magazines all over the condition, has named the Purdue Exponent the 2nd-greatest university student newspaper in Division 1 for 2020.

Division 1 is built up of publications at universities with more than 10,000 college students.

Exponent journalists also have been awarded 19 personal and employees awards (below) in an on-line announcement Monday early morning.

Finest Continual Protection of a Solitary Story, 1st location: “Bigger Lafayette households reel as evictions moratorium expires” and “4 months, 158 evictions submitted,” by Jordan Smith and Ryan Chen.

Judges’ reviews: “This thorough package covers the bases of a unhappy and intricate scenario all the way from major-image to the personalized. It is vivid, troubling, and places faces on evictions and tenuous living conditions amid the chaos of poor folks making an attempt to navigate a process in which they are mostly powerless while COVID shook modern society like an earthquake.”

Greatest Editorial Cartoon, very first put: “Are these even lawful!?” by David Chapman.

Judges’ opinions: “The most interesting style with a large stage of artistic quality in shading and shade. Very good representation of pupils. Leading-notch illustration that attracts in the viewer.”

Very best Aspect Site, 3rd area: “Portraits of a protest” by Jordan Smith, Alexandra Weliever, Julia Taylor, Adrian Gaeta, Natalie Fedor

Judges’ remarks: “Good use of typography to improve the standing pandemic head to protest. … Awesome do the job. ”

Very best Feature Photo, initial position: “Paint Crew” by Charlie Wu

Judges’ responses: “Superior admirer emotion carries this image that will take us to the supporters in the stands.”

Most effective Attribute Tale, second spot: “A hazardous desire” by Ryan Chen

Judges’ feedback: “This insightful and vivid story plunges ahead by means of a sad account that keeps the reader hoping things will get far better for the issue and feeling apprehensive that they will not. It’s an affecting seem at relatable longings and actions that inadvertently entangle the subject in out-of-control repercussions and leaves the reader asking yourself — and caring — what the not known result will be.”

Ideal illustration, next spot: “On the net scholar struggles” by Adrian Gaeta and David Hickey

Judges’ remarks: “Some innovative thinking at the rear of this just one as it has the right truly feel and is multi-dimensional as effectively. Kudos.”

3rd place: “ITaP, we have a difficulty” by Adrian Gaeta

Judges’ feedback: “This nicely illustrates the frustration bordering the technologies challenges facing students. Great choose on “Houston, we have a problem.””

Very best In-Depth Story, initial location: “A compact piece of justice” by Alexandra Weliever

Judges’ feedback: “This riveting and horrifying tale of a little one and family mysteriously and suspiciously harmed is prime-notch journalism. The objectivity that runs by this account of unfortunate and infuriating and heartbreakingly hopeful instances would make it even more impacting.”

Most effective Informational Graphic, first place: “A Mega-Timeline of 2020” by the graphics employees

Judges’ responses: “Great perform on a properly-executed timeline of a “hellish year” times of 2020. Plenty of specifics laid out in a way that makes it effortless to spend time examining a historic 12 months. The illustrations are artistically potent to aid make the timeline straightforward to follow. Congratulations to the complete crew.”

Ideal Solitary Situation, to start with place: “A new route” by Jordan Smith, Alexandra Weliever, Julia Taylor, Adrian Gaeta, Natalie Fedor

Judges’ comments: “Stellar news articles in this issue. Nicely-researched, attention-grabbing primary story on a scholar working with her sister’s and her sister’s most effective friend’s unsolved loss of life in 2017. This together with a entire back again site devoted to protest visuals can help this issue increase to the top rated. Excellent function.”

Greatest Sports activities Column, initial location: “Are university student-athletes free of charge to talk their minds?” by Joe Duhownik

Judges’ feedback: “This column usually takes sq. goal at a Division I athletics machine’s steamroller-type initiatives to censor controversial speech, management the information of journalists and limit access to athletes. The feeling that the writer is pushing again in a environment of heavy-handed manage freaks would energize any reader with an impartial spirit.”

Third location: “Hoosier daddy? Not Bob Knight” by Joe Duhownik

Judges’ comments: “This blistering column is a bracing antidote to the hagiography and enable-bygones-be-bygones zeitgeist surrounding an iconic former mentor on his sentimental golden-decades return to a position exactly where he was and is lionized inspite of a history of extremes and expulsion. It is journalism without the need of concern or favor.”

Ideal Sports Element Tale, 2nd spot: “Uncovering the truth about Purdue’s to start with black basketball participant” by Joe Duhownik

Judges’ feedback: “This function is a intriguing and believed-provoking look for for the story guiding a trailblazing athlete’s arrival and departure from a basketball plan, pieced collectively by the author like an archaeologist working with scattered shards. The intriguing outcome is a collection of responses and questions without responses, uniting audience with the author in understanding what is existing and wishing for what is absent.”

Best Sports activities Photo, next location: “Trevion Williams” by David Hickey

Judges’ comments: “Good task by the photographer to get a larger angle to capture this battle beneath the basket. Good deal with and good composition elevate this sports activities action image.”

Greatest Workers Editorial, second position: “Protecting Purdue’s picture as a substitute of its people” by the editorial board

Judges’ remarks: “This scathing photograph of reckless final decision-producing and demagogic distraction-mongering achieves the uncommon feat of being an exciting editorial to browse, although it probable was not a thrill for the university administration that was focused. It’s a get in touch with-out that builds its scenario on facts and logic to present the fiction and illogic driving expedient actions of individuals in electrical power.”

Very best Breaking News Reporting On the net, 3rd put: “Emotional group pleads for justice” by Jordan Smith, Alex Weliever, Adrian Gaeta, Julia Taylor, Natalie Fedor

Judges’ comments: “Good use of supporting media helped continue to keep a very long piece attention-grabbing.”

Best Facebook Page, 3rd place: team

Most effective News Feature Reporting On the web, 3rd location: “Neighbors talk politics throughout a polarized presidential election” by Jordan Smith

Judges’ responses: “Timely and topical topic. The “off campus” concentration on the neighborhood was refreshing.”

Ideal Slideshow, 2nd place: “Polar plunge” by Charlie Wu

Judges’ reviews: “Fun image package with a fantastic variety of photographs.”