November 27, 2022


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How to visualize your business processes with SharePoint

How to Use SharePoint for Business Processes Automation and Raise Productivity

From bookstores to e-books, from letters to e-mails, from maps to navigation systems, from video stores to Netflix, from record stores to Spotify… Digitization has long since arrived in our everyday lives, intelligent household appliances, smartwatches, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality … progress is unstoppable and affects (almost) every area of our lives.

The age of digitization

Digitization is on the rise not only in private life but also in everyday business life. More and more processes, such as applications, are exclusively digital. Some pioneers have already dared to make the transition to a fully digitized company. However, there are also many companies that are hesitant and unsure. 

Therefore, many internal company processes, such as submitting a vacation request or the creation and storage of personnel files, are still analogous. On the one hand, they are very time-consuming and, on the other hand, they are often increasingly error-prone. Digitizing these processes is both user and environmentally friendly, and these are by no means the only arguments in favor of digitization.

Changed employee requirements require digital processes

In recent years, one has read and heard time and again about the shortage of skilled workers and the associated war for talent, the so-called battle for the brightest minds. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit young talent and they can afford to be picky. They’re not just asking for the highest paycheck anymore. In times of start-ups, they want to work for trendy, innovative companies. Backwards, old-fashioned companies that have not been touched by digitization are out of the question.

Changed customer requirements in process management

Not only internal but also external processes are changing. For example, customer requirements for companies have changed significantly. Nowadays, customers expect worldwide 24/7 support as well as forward-looking and transparent services and processes. Companies are still under enormous cost and efficiency pressure. 

The digitization of business processes contributes to increasing efficiency, significantly increasing quality by avoiding errors, and making processes transparent and comprehensible. Microsoft SharePoint is especially gives you the edge in data collaboration and sharing documents online.

Agility and flexibility in process representation

In addition, the business world is developing and changing at a rapid pace, new technologies and competitors appear on the market within a very short time and can sometimes disappear from the market just as quickly. Rigid process chains make it impossible to react in a timely and flexible manner, so it is of fundamental importance to design processes in an agile way. The digitization of processes helps to shorten action and reaction times. Because in the context of digitization, a manual process is not simply copied and digitally displayed, but it is checked and, if necessary, optimized. 

Processes can often be made much more efficient in this way. For example, approvals can run in parallel instead of sequentially as before. SharePoint consulting firms have expert teams that can use other apps and collaborate them with SharePoint to get more productivity.

Benefits of process digitization & automation

SharePoint consulting firms are working professionally to introduce you to the some of the best features of SharePoint. The digitization of your business processes brings with it a number of other advantages, true to the motto “work less, achieve more!”:

  • Reduced response times due to less need for communication
  • Lower process costs through increased automation of the digital processes
  • Additional cost and space savings due to the elimination of file folders, archive rooms, shipping costs and paper requirements, so the environment is also protected.
  • ncreased transparency through central logging of the individual steps
  • Higher quality because errors can be almost completely eliminated with the help of input validation and continuous process optimization based on logging is possible
  • Processes and associated documents can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Ensuring legal compliance, since processes can be designed according to laws and governance

Microsoft SharePoint is an amazing online data management platform with some of the best features. There is a lot that you can do with it to enhance the productivity of your work. To get more out of this online platform hire a Microsoft consulting firm and make the most out of your money.

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