September 19, 2021


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Let’s Get To Know Some Products That Can Be Made Using Laser Cutting Machines!

Wood Laser Cutter: Easy Ways to Laser Cut Wood | All3DP

If we talk about products that can be made using a laser cutting machine , it helps us first to understand what laser cutting is . As in the previous article, which discussed laser cutting in general, it is the process of cutting plate material, both metal and non-metal, according to the pattern and size previously designed. This machine forms and produces very flexible patterns so that it is able to make a variety of products.

Products Made by Laser Cutting Machine

There are various types of products that can be produced by laser cutting machines , maybe we also find many laser cutting products around us. Below are some of the products that can be produced from a Laser marking system :

1. Vehicle Body

In the picture below is a bus frame that is still plain which is usually made from steel plates that are processed by cutting using a laser cutting machine.

2. Cabinet or Filling Cabinet

The types of cabinets or filling cabinets on the market are very diverse in raw materials, ranging from wood, plastic, MDF to metal which are cut and processed through metal fabrication . The following is an example of a cabinet or filing cabinet that is processed using a laser cutting machine for the metal material cutting process

3. Advertisements or Sign Boards

Laser cutting machines not only use metal but non-metal materials such as acrylic, wood, MDF. Examples of products that can be made using a non-metal laser cutting machine are billboards or sign boards . Letters and patterns on billboards or sign boards are the result of non-metallic materials that are processed using a laser cutting machine . Here are examples of the products:

4. Wall Decoration

Things that may not know much, laser cutting can also be used for the process of making wall decorations. Wall decorations that are made can also use a variety of materials, usually using acrylic. MDF or leather . Kreasi Muda Indonesia also has products specifically for laser cutting wall decorations, which you can also check for collections here.