January 22, 2022


Through Education Matters

Revisiting “Why Liberalism Failed:” A 5-Component Sequence

Laura K. Industry

To reimagine modern-day constitutional democracy, we need to have to believe via its boundaries and failings. In this series Laura K. Subject re-reads Patrick Deneen’s 2018 reserve Why Liberalism Unsuccessful with a watch to the hazards posed by the reactionary Correct and lessons we may possibly draw from the Trump several years for the long term of constitutional democracy. 

Deneen’s book gives a handy window into some of the conditions that designed Trump possible and are most likely to maintain the GOP going forward. Discipline focuses on locations wherever Deneen (and some of the other reactionaries who have received traction in latest yrs) go completely wrong in approaches that subject. In the very first area, she phone calls attention to Deneen’s use of the language of liberalism and articulates a handful of key interpretive faults, as properly as some of the matters that she thinks he receives appropriate. In Aspect 2, she usually takes on a big methodological flaw that characterizes reactionary conservatism extra frequently: the deficiency of critical historical benchmarks for political judgment, which, in its interaction of dystopianism and fuzzy/unaccountable idealism, amounts to a unsafe evasion of actuality. In Part 3, Discipline considers Deneen’s muddled claims about modern-day individualism. She discusses his manipulations of theoretical texts and his lopsided account of contemporary political existence. In Element 4, Field turns to Deneen’s pinched knowledge of liberal education and independence. She concludes the series with a thing to consider of the hazards lurking in Deneen’s way of pondering and some reflections on the future program of liberal democracy. 

Whole Series

Element 1: Revisiting Why Liberalism Failed

Part 2: Distorted Solutions, Disorienting Heritage: Deneen on the Past, Present, and Future

Component 3: Perversity Squared: Deneen’s “Individualist Anthropology” and Anti-Political Denialism, and “Aristopopulist” Delusions

Element 4: Patrick Deneen’s Twin Depletions of Schooling and Independence

Part 5: Why Liberalism Failed: A Postmortem?