September 26, 2021


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Significance of Solving the Previous Year Question Papers

5 Benefits of solving Previous Year Question paper for CBSE Class 10th  students

What Do You Mean by Question Papers? 

The question paper is a fundamental instrument that is used in the examination. A question paper examines how great a student can illustrate that they have obtained the knowledge, understanding, and abilities set out in the stipulation. Question papers consist of various kinds of questions to assess students’ genuine and global perceptions. The exam council puts them together.  

Benefits of Solving Previous Year Question Papers  

Solving sample question papers is an intelligent way to excel in exams. The previous year question papers can help the students to score well in the exams. Students need to solve documents that will be appearing for board exams. Last year questions were available regarding boards’ official websites in PDF format. For example, the CBSE board question papers are available on its website. If the students require Maharashtra board question papers, they can visit the official website. If they give Maharashtra SSC board question papers pdf, they will get all previous year question papers. They can view or download them for their practice. Solving previous year question papers makes students practice enough and become masters of the subject. 

The following are the importance of solving the previous year question papers: 

  • Manage your time efficiently: The students can enhance their time management by solving question papers. They will learn the best way to write the answers during exams. It assists them in handling time effectively. 
  • Practice makes perfect: If the students should be out-and-out with all the topics prescribed in the curriculum, they can be well equipped for their examinations. Previous year question papers help students assess their performance; they can find out where they lack in their preparations and fill the knowledge gap by solving question papers. This would allow them to prepare well for their exams. 
  • Self-assessment: The previous year question papers help students to analyse their strengths and weaknesses. If they should make it a habit of solving question papers regularly, they can be well prepared for their examinations. The NCERT textbook consists of solutions for all the chapters and previous year question papers for students’ practice.  The NCERT is providing solutions along with the textbooks. Students can get access to the solutions on their respected state board official websites. For example, MSBSHSE Solutions for Class 10 is available on the Maharashtra state board website and students can download them for their practice. These solutions are highly recommended to establish a strong base for important subjects like Mathematics, science and social science. This would help students to evaluate themself by practising regularly. 
  • Be confident during exams: Solving previous year question papers will furnish students with an overview of the exam pattern and the marks given for each section. It also provides an idea about the paper pattern and question types to be asked in the exams. If they solve several question papers, they will face the exams confidently. 
  • Plan your studies accordingly: When students analyse their strengths and weaknesses by solving previous year question papers, they should start working to develop them. This would help them to prepare for the expected complexity level of exams. 

Objectives a Question Papers

Question papers are potent tools that are used to assess the students’ knowledge. It helps to grade students’ performance and give admission to the higher level. So the question papers can be set in such a way that can measure the change in the level of student’s knowledge in a particular subject. Every question paper has specific objectives, and every teacher should look at some perspectives while setting a question paper. They are as follows:

  •  Design of the paper and relative weightage of the concepts
  • Objective and scope of the examination
  • Selection of questions
  • Analysis of questions
  • Evaluation aspects and the criteria for moderation

Question papers are essential to evaluate how well a student can demonstrate that they have obtained. It is highly suggested that students solve more and more question papers to score well in their exams.