August 2, 2021


Through Education Matters

The art & chemistry of ceramics

“One of the fascinating matters about artwork is that there is this synergy between science, craft, and artwork.”

Fiorenzo Berardozzi balances equally in his workshop.  Creating plates, dishes, and cups which he does not see as cut & copy stoneware. 

“When I create a plate or a cup, I see it as an unique sculpture,” says Berardozzi. “I may well make two, a few dozen of them but I genuinely make a single plate at a time and they really don’t glimpse the exact as I cease it when I see something appealing is going on.”

Clay, not mud

It all commences with clay. It may possibly basically search like the mud we’re intently acquainted with right here in the Lowcountry, but pluff mud and this clay surely aren’t interchangeable as Berardozzi clarifies,

“The most important big difference is that clay is an inorganic content. Pluff mud is an natural material.”

That scent that we all know all also properly? Which is decaying organic and natural content, generally plant matter, that can make up the bulk of pluff mud.

“All that natural and organic content breaks away, there is nothing to maintain it jointly. In clay we want issues like feldspars, which variety crystals. So a single clay doesn’t do it all.”

To build what’s regarded as a “clay body” he must mix distinct forms of clay, minerals, to develop a medium that is workable, sturdy, and gorgeous when dry. It is a mixture of chemistry, craftsmanship, and desire- different clays have diverse grain measurements. 

“Like porcelain which is superfine- virtually buttery.” Berardozzi suggests. “To the other facet of the spectrum is the one particular that I use. It has what’s identified as grog in it, it has these more substantial particle dimensions that can help it stand.” 

When dried, his unfinished functions of ceramic artwork choose on the pure coloration of the clay- a heat, earthy brown. More colors and textures are created with a glaze- made up of large metals & minerals which brilliantly shine when fired and completed. Cobalt, for instance, produces a vibrant blue.

When it arrives to making use of these glazes, he works by using less- highlighting areas of his stoneware but usually allowing the coarse clay body to be the main star.

His perform has been a hit with regional dining places, like Butcher and Bee, Husk, and a lot more who have utilized his plates to provide their own is effective of art.

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