September 19, 2021


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The Biggest Current Problems For Public Schools

10 Challenges Facing Public Education Today | NEA

Public schools are facing a crisis right now. There are numerous problems that plague them and the education system definitely has a lot of improvement to do. 

The big problem is most people are not even aware of the fact that there are problems that are affecting public schools. This is why we should definitely highlight the following ones.

Classroom Sizes

As a very simple example, Georgia had to lift class size limits in order to accommodate students. This is something that is happening all around the country. Unfortunately, there are not enough actual classrooms to accommodate all students. 

If you ask most teachers, they will agree that teaching a class with over 30 students is very difficult. They simply cannot do their job in an effective way. Ideally, a classroom should only have 15 to 17 students. This is very hard to do right now, especially when referring to minority students that live in poverty since they are the ones that would benefit the most from smaller classrooms. 


It is sad to see that 22% of US children now live below or at the poverty level. For other countries, the statistics are far worse. This makes getting services like Graduateowls inaccessible for them, just like many others. 

The big problem is that students under the poverty level have a really high dropout rate. It is very difficult for them to perform at full academic potential. Most schools know this and cannot really do anything about it. 

Family Factors

This also influences the ability of the teacher to teach any student. What goes on at home is always impacting the propensity of the student to learn. As a result, events like single parents, violence, poverty, and divorce will be very challenging for the student. 

There are many administrators and teachers that work with the students facing bad family environments. However, not much can be done, especially when parents do not help. 


This quickly became obvious with the coronavirus pandemic that started in 2020. Students are actually much more technologically advanced in what they do and what they can use when compared with teachers. At the same time though, technology can easily distract students. 

Technology has to be used in modern classrooms since this is a growing demand during this century. When schools do not have the funds they need, it is close to impossible to implement the technology needed or demanded. As a result, some schools evolve faster than others and a discrepancy appears. 


This is definitely not a new problem for public schools. However, it is still one that has a huge impact on learning aptitude for students all around the world. The big problem is that technology now offers bullies even more avenues to use to follow and torment victims. This is possible through different types of virtual interactions, including texting and social networking. 

Public schools do not have practices for cyberbullying. This is quickly turning into a huge issue that actually led to numerous suicides caused by bullying events. Laws are fuzzy for cyberbullying and some clarity is definitely needed.