May 20, 2022


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Why Server Speed Is Important in Dedicated Hosting?

The Importance of Dedicated Servers -

When you start looking for hosting servers for your website, you are faced with a range of options. These include a shared server, VPS server, cloud server, Dedicated Hosting server, etc. Of these, a Dedicated Server stands at the top of the ladder since an entire web server is dedicated to your site while in most other plans the server and its resources are shared between multiple users. Therefore, site owners looking for a high-performance server tend to opt for a Dedicated Server. However, before buying a Dedicated Hosting plan, it is important to assess various technical aspects of the server to ensure that you get what your site needs. Today, we will be talking about server speed in Dedicated Hosting and look at the reasons why it is important.

When you buy a Dedicated Hosting plan, you can opt for a Windows or Linux Dedicated Server, HDD/SSD-powered server, etc. These choices can have a direct impact on the speed and performance of the server. Here is why server speed is important in Dedicated Hosting.

01: Lower Bounce Rates

Online users expect websites to load within 2-3 seconds and tend to abandon them if they take longer. Also, with competition being rife in almost all industries, they tend to move to competitor websites in no time. Regardless of the hosting server you use, having high bounce rates is never good for business. If you are investing in a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, then ensuring that the server speed is good ensures that the bounce rates are lower.

02: Better Organic Search Ranking

Google started including site speed as a factor in determining page rank for websites in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Hence, having a faster server is important as it can contribute to a fast-loading website. This helps your site in achieving a better organic ranking in SERPs. This means more visibility and better business.

03: Better User Experience

We live in times when users are spoilt for choices. Therefore, most site owners leave no stone unturned to offer a good site experience to visitors. If the users are happy, then they would spend more time on your site. This creates multiple opportunities to sell your products and services or increase user engagement. While there are many factors affecting site speed, the speed of the server plays a pivotal role. When you opt for a Dedicated Server, all the resources of the server are used by your site. It can’t get better than this. However, if the server is not configured to be fast, then your site’s performance can get affected.

Summing Up

A fast server allows you to make changes to the website in no time. Also, backups run faster and you can utilize your time optimally. There are numerous benefits to have a fast Dedicated Server as the host for your website. Before you buy a Dedicated Hosting plan, ensure that you assess your site’s hosting requirements and choose a plan and a server that has configurations suited to your site’s needs. 

If you are still wondering whether you need a Dedicated Hosting plan, check out the following video:

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