It is a known fact in Singapore that, because of the high academic demand of its high quality education system, most parents turn to private tutoring to improve their children’s chances of getting better grades. Thus, with the proliferation of tuition agencies in the country, these agencies are motivated to genuinely help tutors explore tuition assignments in Singapore by pooling them permanently with the agency after being interviewed, vetted, and selected.


Of course, the demand for tuition assignments is significantly greater than the supply of highly qualified tutors. And yet the truth is that these highly qualified tutors consistently get hold of the good and well-paying tuition jobs. How do they do it? To be one of those tutors who consistently get good tuition assignments, here are 5 tips on how to get those tuition jobs as a private home tutor.


  1. When you register with a tuition agency, make sure to provide complete and correct information.

Probably the most common mistake that potential tutors make is either not completing the required information form provided by a tuition agency, or not responding correctly to information needed by the agency. A tutor’s complete information is needed so that the agency can verify the tutor’s identity, background, and educational qualifications. To increase the chances of a tutor getting more tuition jobs, he or she needs to fill up any information form correctly and exactly, according to what the tuition agency is asking for.


  1. Never give any false information.

Again, remember that a tuition agency has the right to check your information and curriculum vitae. When registering with an agency for tuition assignments, it is always best to provide truthful information especially about past job experiences and what you are able to teach. Giving false information will only cause problems for everyone, and most of all, the tutor’s future chances explore tuition assignments in Singapore.


  1. Make sure you can meet the requirements of the tuition assignments you are targeting.

This is important because the tuition agency and/or parents can spot if you truly meet the requirements of tuition assignments you are applying for. As an example, if you are a tutor with more than a year of tutoring experience at the primary level, but you are applying for a student who is in secondary 2, your chances of being selected by the client is nil. You have a better chance of getting good tuition assignments if you are dedicated to teaching at the level you are qualified to teach or have extensive experience in.


  1. Make sure you are responsible and friendly.

Don’t laugh. Being a private home tutor isn’t just showing up at the student’s home and conducting a tutoring session. It involves being responsible in holding the student’s potential academic improvement and future in your hands. This responsibility also covers being able to detect the student’s learning style, weaknesses, and strengths, and working on those to improve the student’s learning. Students also love tutors who are friendly. This is because all they see in the classroom is an impersonal and detached teacher. After a few tutoring sessions, students and parents will be providing positive feedback about you, the friendly and responsible tutor. In the future, the tuition agency will be comfortable to highly recommend you for tuition assignments.


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