June 9, 2024


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How to Choose a Life Partner

Top 6 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Life Partner |  Singleinthecity.ca

Getting married is a big commitment that lasts a lifetime. Instead of being hasty, consider how to choose the following life partner. 

Everyone wants a happy and lasting marriage. Of course the main requirement is to have the right life partner. However, not a few are still wrong in choosing a partner until it finally ends in separation. Here’s how to choose a life partner before you decide to get married singleboersen-vergleich.de

1. Find out the origin

Maybe you are familiar with the term ‘seeds of bebet weight’. It’s not just a physical thing, but you also have to find out the basic characteristics of a potential partner, such as being quiet or chatty, dominant or passive. Also know the potential of your candidate. The best way is to watch him talk. Does he have goals and life plans that suit yours? Finally, find out the relationship between him and his family. How to communicate with mother, father, brother, or sister.

2. Seriousness

The easiest thing to do is to see how serious he is, through simple things like keeping an appointment, having the courage to meet your parents, and making clear plans. If he can never fulfill these basics, there is no need to maintain them.

3. Match rate

Before you determine the compatibility in the relationship, find out first if you can really accept all the bad habits and shortcomings. Keep the expectation that he will change in the future. Also avoid being too concerned with physical appearance because the only thing that lasts forever is compatibility and kindness.

4. Pay attention to the code

Instead of focusing on artificial things like white skin and a sharp nose or thick wallet, pay attention to codes such as the way he talks, the look in his eyes, or his humorous and playful demeanor, which can help you determine if he is the right match. Ask yourself, what criteria do you want from your future husband.

5. Always support you

In marriage, you will only have 1 soulmate, someone who will support your life. Of course it’s important if he can also support all your dreams later. Well, if at this time your potential partner always seems to be against your life goals, chances are he is not the right partner.