June 9, 2024


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Tips for Caring for Car Paint to Keep it Shiny

Tips for caring for car paint to keep it shiny – Cars Cusok

The car is now no longer seen only as a means of transportation but also a symbol of the prestige and pride of the owner. With the development of automotive cars, many people want to own a car because this vehicle is versatile, can be used for work, holidays with family and other activities.

However, many car users do not know how to take care of the body or paint to keep it clean, smooth, and durable so that the colors look faded. Because the color of the body or car paint that looks faded and not clean.

Here are some ways and tips that car owners can do to take care of your favorite car body or paint:

1. Park the car in the shade

The purpose of parking the car in the shade is so that the car can avoid excessive sunlight. In addition to sunlight which can fade car paint, there are also ultraviolet rays that can change the color composition in car paint. Therefore, when stopping or just looking for a parking space in an open yard, look for a shady parking space if the car will be parked for a long time. If you can’t, this can be overcome by using a car cover or other car cover.

2. Use Special Soap When Washing Cars

Sometimes, some car owners wash their vehicles using detergent soap, dab soap, or laundry soap that is not clearly branded. Of course this greatly affects the dull color and fading of the car paint color. In addition, using laundry soap of unclear quality can certainly have an impact on the color of the car being striped or uneven.

Although priced a bit expensive, special car washing soap has compositions and ingredients that have been specifically made to treat car paint colors. It’s better to use a special car wash soap with a slightly expensive price than having to spend more because the color of the car paint is no longer attractive. In addition, take the time to wash your car at least once a week during the dry season, and twice a week in the rainy season, because rainwater can erode the color of the car paint due to the acid content in it. Or you can go to collision repair services in Kansas City .for getting best body car service.

3. Use a soft cloth when cleaning the car

The next tip is to clean the outside of the car with a soft or not rough cloth. At least use cloth that is widely circulated in the market such as chamois. Avoid using original fabrics such as scraps of clothes or towels because again, they are not designed to clean the outside of your car.

4. Clean the Body Regularly

Another important part is to clean the body regularly. If the car body is dry, it is mandatory to flush it or at least wet the body part before cleaning. Wiping the body dry can cause the body to look unclean and leave small scratches. This is due to the sharp and uneven shape of the dust and gravel particles, which can leave scratches that, although invisible, can erode the paint layer of the car.